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What time is dinner?

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Have you ever thought about making a daily eating schedule? One that holds you accountable as to when and how much you can eat.

I used to eat when I was hungry or when I had forgotten to eat and was starving. Sounds simple enough, hungry = eat something. The problem was my eating habits were sporadic and out of balance. I’d eat breakfast sometimes and sometimes not. I’d eat lunch at lunchtime and sometimes not. When I would eat, my only goal was to satisfy my hunger and because I didn’t really know when I was full until it was too late, I tended to over-eat a lot.

Here is an example eating schedule that worked for me: (you’ll notice I break it down into six small meals throughout the day):

Bryan’s Daily Eating Schedule

6 am | breakfast 1 | 250 calories
9 am | breakfast 2 | 250 calories
12 pm | lunch 1 | 450 calories
3 pm | lunch 2 | 300 calories
6 pm | dinner | 700 calories
8 pm | dessert | 250 calories

Total daily calorie goal: 2200

By pre-planning how much to eat at each meal, I was able to make sure I stayed fueled up while staying within goal. This eliminated my skipping meals and throwing myself into starvation/binge mode and my consistent over-eating.

If you don’t know how many calories to set as a daily goal, make an eating schedule and write down how many calories you eat (at each meal) to learn something about yourself. When you know how much you eat, you control your food and not the other way around. » Bryan

What in the heck is a work food out?

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Work food out is the place to write down everything you eat. It’s a place where you can weigh each week and compare how your eating habits from last week affected your weight. Finally, its a place where you can fine-tune your eating goals and put the kibosh on over-eating for good.

Our main goal is to help normal people like you and I to get a handle on the deliciousness of food. Let’s face it. Food is good, real good. It’s just too easy to volunteer for that last slice of pizza even though your about to fall over.

Here’s how it works:

1) write down everything you eat, every day (be consistent). This will help you see your eating patterns and give you the data needed to make positive changes.

2) weigh-in once a week (only once). This will show you how your eating habits (for last week) have affected your weight.

3) once you visually see what’s happening (on screen), you can start slowly fine-tuning your weekly goal (how many calories you can eat each day for that week). When you arrive at a goal that lets you stay satisfied and naturally shed unnecessary weight, that’s your food number.

Be patient, go slow, and make small goal changes each week so your body never sees it coming.

Work food out teaches you how to speak the language of food. When you are fluent, you start to crave foods that offer better bang for the buck (more value-added foods). You’ll swap out more processed empty foods for more natural and whole choices. As your energy level increases from all of the pounds being shed, you’ll kick up the activity levels and that’s when the real magic happens.

So start working your food out. If you need any more info, tips or just a plain old how many calories would you write-in for this, give us a holler. » Bryan

Are you working your food out?

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Work food out is a food logbook where you can write down everything you eat to see your eating habits in a whole new light. We designed the service be simple, friendly and matter of fact. Give it a try. Write down what you eat for a week and see for yourself. If you have any questions, just ask. » Bryan