Our goal is to eat and blog. We've posted 15 times. Last one was 4372 days ago.


I love to eat and I’ve created work food out to share my experience and the benefits of logging what we eat. You can use work food out to strike a balance between how good food tastes & feeling good about how your clothes fit. It worked for my wife Michelle and I and it can work for you.

Work food out is a food logbook plain and simple. It allows you to track everything you eat each week and see how all that food affects your weight. Buit-in feed*back can help to transition your eating habits so you eat less and less to naturally drop excess weight.

Thanks to our local Nutritionist, for introducing us to being accountable to what we eat (I call it: afoodability). Consulting a professional was the best personal investment we’ve ever made and work food out is our version of a food logbook for eaters like you and me.


It took about a year logging my food, working out 3 to 4 times a week and trying (and loving) new activities like Pilates, to go from size 40’s to 30’s (215 down to 160). » Bryan