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Who we are.

My name is Bryan and we created work food out for people who love to eat. Maybe a little too much.

We wrote this application to share the benefits of tracking what we eat. Some people call it counting calories. We call it being accountable for everything we put in our mouths and we use the information to control over-eating. You can call it afoodability.

Who we aren't.

Work food out is not a food database or a diet program. We've chosen not to include a searchable food database, because in reality there is no one resource that contains all the foods that anyone of us could possibly eat.

If you've ever tried to look up your favorite dish at your local indian restaurant or that delicious vegan desert, home-made from Whole Foods Market, you'll know what we mean.

Who we wanna be.

Our goal is to strike a balance between the yum factor of the foods we love and feeling good about how our clothes fit.

If you have any questions hit us up.

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